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My Review: "Soul Surfer" By Bethany Hamilton

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My Review: "Soul Surfer" By Bethany Hamilton Empty My Review: "Soul Surfer" By Bethany Hamilton

Post  smileymileysworld on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:47 pm

5 Stars out of 5 Stars easily.
The book was written pretty clearly and neatly. There were some random spots in the book where things were randomly talked about. But that helped make the book more exciting. After all, she wrote the book when she was only 14. Hamilton goes into great detail about her road to recovery. From the first day in the hospital, up until the time the book was finished. She also talks about how God has inspired her along the way and how she never lost faith in Him. Throughout the book, Bethany talks about the Hawaiian life and gives the history of surfing in a "nut shell". Hamilton has also included a mini-dictionary of the terms used as a surfer.

I would recommend this book to anyone! It is so touching.


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My Review: "Soul Surfer" By Bethany Hamilton Empty Re: My Review: "Soul Surfer" By Bethany Hamilton

Post  Pajama Sam on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:28 pm

I read that book too! I thought it was amazing! It really opened up my eyes. I have a different outlook on life now. Very Happy
Pajama Sam
Pajama Sam
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